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TF2: Tumblr vs Reddit

For those unfamiliar, Tumblr vs Reddit (or tVr) is a month of friendly Highlander competition between Tumblr and Reddit. In these show-matches all levels of experience are welcome to apply as one of the cornerstones of our event is to create a venue for players with varying levels of skill to have a chance to play and have fun.

Here you’ll find the rules for the event:

Here you can find our FAQ for the event:

Information on casters will be released hopefully soon.

This season we’ll have 5 teams representing each community from all around the world, US West, US East, EU, and Aus/Oceania. Applications are closed as of 4/16/13

Rosters can be found here:

Tumblr West
Reddit West

Tumblr East

Reddit East

Tumblr EU

Reddit EU

Tumblr OCE

Reddit OCE

Tumblr All-Star
Reddit All-Star

Below you’ll find what region will play when:

  • June 14th - US West - 7:00 pm PST
  • June 15th - US East - 7:00 pm EST
  • June 21st - EU - 7:00 pm CEST
  • June 22nd - AU/Oceania - 7:00 pm AEST
  • June 28th - All-Star (Players from the previous season) 5:00 pm EST

Below you’ll find where you can watch each game:

US West - eXtv

US East - eXtv

EU - BlackoutGamingTV

AU/Oceania - GreaverTV

All-Star - BlackoutGamingTV