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smeghenegham replied to your post: Oppa… GANGNAM STYLE! *dances* (It’s probably the 193406510238965th time you’ve gotten this, but still… XD )

Isn’t it Oppan Gangnam Style anyway? Or is it a hilarious play on words? :V

I honestly have no idea xD 

POSTED: 6:06 pm - Wed Sep 26
TAGGED: #smeghenegham  
  1. holyfuckingshit-40000 said: It is. Or rather, it’s “oppan gang-namseutayil”, which actually does translate to “Oppa is Gangnam Style.”
  2. cipater said: It’s oppa, which is a Korean term for a man who is older than you which is also used as a term of endearment. Gangnam is a place in South Korea that could be compared to Hollywood in the States.
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