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Dear TF2 Team - Let’s talk competition

Team Fortress 2 lacks a competitive matchmaking system even though other Valve games have them. Although Dota 2 is naturally competitive, Valve heavily invests time and resources in order to satisfy the competitive scene of Dota 2 and e-sports viewers in general (look up The International 2┬árun by Valve, it is e-sports done right). Take a look at Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, another game by Valve that was released not too long ago. It doesn’t get as much attention from Valve as Dota 2 does, but at least it recently got a competitive matchmaking system. Even Left 4 Dead 1 & 2 have matchmaking systems for Versus mode despite how inferior it is compared to the other games mentioned. TF2 already has a lobby system for MvM and matchmaking for pubs, yet Valve has all these resources in TF2 and other games for implementation of a competitive mode. From the video, Sal proposes several ideas for this mode which is possible for Valve to profit on like they do with MvM. Valve didn’t want to mess with e-sports a few years ago, but now they are one of the biggest influences on e-sports, and it wouldn’t hurt them to add competitive matchmaking into TF2, so why aren’t they supporting it yet?


POSTED: 4:24 pm - Mon Oct 15
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    this only has like 20 notes and its the most depressing thing. competitive TF2 is the most fun i’ve ever had in a...
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    I’m going to write this comment with the hopes that someone from fytf2 see’s it because this is something important to...
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    I don’t mess with competitive play, but this would be awesome to implement.
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    (I saw this video yesterday and absolutely adore the idea of a competitive matchmaking system)
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  11. petitecreme said: I would give all my fivers for a competitive system!
  12. vigigilance said: Is it too hard to just look up competitive servers and join via the browser?
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