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Artists Spotlight


Hey guys! PKC here to tell you about an awesome opportunity to show off your art skills and win some great TF2 items! We present the FYTF2: Art of War contests! These contests will be held every two weeks, so anyone and everyone can get a chance to win some amazing items-

  • The contest lasts for 1 week; Starting on Monday, and ending on the next Monday

  • Winners will be determined by our panel of 3 very art-inclined judges.

  • Entries will not be submitted to the FYTF2 blog, but rather posted on your own tumblr, and tagged ‘AoW Contest

  • Every week the prompt changes- and we do take suggestions for prompts!

  • Please keep artwork safe for work

  • This contest is for drawn/photographed works of art- written entries will not be accepted, sorry

  • SFM entries will also not be accepted

  • Entries will be judged on creativity and relevance to the prompt

  • The winner/s will be reblogged onto the FYTF2 blog itself for all to see!

  • Have fun with this! Be creative!

Monday, April 15th’s Prompt:

If you could equip as many miscs as you wanted, and you could equip any hat and misc from any of the 9 classes, what would your dream Pyro loadout look like?

This contest ends Monday, April 22nd at 5:00PM PST/8:00PM EST

This weeks prizes include:

1st Prize: a Napper’s Respite, Apparition’s Aspect, and a Key

2nd Prize: a Prancer’s Pride and a Strange Flamethrower

We all know tumblr is full of amazing artists- show us what you’ve got!


-PKC <3

POSTED: 7:45 pm - Mon Apr 15
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