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A guide to picking a custom TF2 HUD!

Time for another tutorial from your dedicated staff! We have compiled a list (Copied the PC Gamer article LOL!) of Community HUDs that are quite the rage! I’ll post a description and some pictures of each HUD and Justin will have a video detailing the install process!


By far one of the most popular HUD mods in the community. Mention user-created HUDs in a Steam forum, and it wont be long before someone points you in the direction of this little guy. PVHUD is all about immediacy; the components are pulled towards the centre of the screen, made big and simple, and just tell you how it is.


A nice balance of an immediately recognisable format but made minimal enough as so to be less distracting. It brings the components to the centre of the screen, just below the cross-hairs and removes the character portraits from the health bar. The icons are smaller than those in PVHUD, meaning more of the screen is available to view the game through.


A HUD for those looking for a more competitive edge. The aim of the mod is to reduce the HUD to only the complete necessities. Health, ammo and special abilities counters are reduced to small, unobtrusive icons. The who-killed-who blog is reduced to barley anything. Hell, even the menus are reduced to simple lists. It eliminates the flamboyancy of the original, giving you only what is needed to own like a pro.

Flame’s TF2 HUD: (note: Download the FlameHUD 2.0 file)

This HUD is once again a minimalist’s HUD, but does it with a significant degree of polish. Where some other HUDs are clearly user made, Flame’s is so well designed it looks like an original. Featuring centralised components, a slickly designed objective tracker and maintaining that disticnt ‘TF’ feel, this is one for serious consideration.

FrankenHUD: (In case you cant find the download, it’s at the bottom of the page under the huge DOWNLOAD banner)

Why choose one HUD when you can have them all? That’s the philosophy of this HUD, which combines all the great touches of other popular HUDs and combines them into one mega HUD. You’ve got your minimalist pop-ups, your merged payload objective bar, your Steam avatars in the chat indicator and a snazzy little window to select your class from rather than the line-up screen. Combine that with easy read icons, and you’ve got a winner on your hands.


TF2 Community HUD: (You only need to download the latest HUD pack. Usually the top of the list)

This HUD was primarily a project to take the best pieces of every HUD and make one that would work in every resolution. There are numerous additions however for better aesthetics and viablility.

Out of all of these I really enjoy using Oxide. It’s very simple, and minimal, and makes it easy to get great screencaps. Plus the screen isn’t cluttered!


I personally use the Community HUD just because it takes the best features from the other HUDs. Besides, I think it looks nice. :) As a Demo player, the charge bar is very useful for charging stickies (when minimal HUD is off).


I use Oxides hud as well, but I did use chiefs hud for a while and liked the feel of that one. It’s not linked up at the top but if you google it, it’s rather nice :]. Oxides hud gets rid of all the clutter as dom said, and it isn’t as flashy as the others (it lacks a lot of color but hey who needs it sometimes). 


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