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TF2 Update for 07/17/2014

  • Fixed a client crash related to particle effects
  • Fixed the quickplay menu not remembering the Advanced Options settings after using the Play Beta Maps option
  • Fixed the Festive Sapper not having a skin for the Blu team
  • Added a new startup music track from Expiration Date
  • Updated the Conga taunt to play sounds on the client instead of the server
  • Updated several materials to fix issues caused by mat_picmip
  • Updated the localization files

Map Changes!

  • Updated beta map pl_cactuscanyon

    * Redesign of the first half of stage 2. Blu team now pushes up the first hill 
    * Removed the death pit in the first barn building of stage 1
    * Ammo increased in stage 2
    * Fixed Red building in the spawn room of stage 2
  • Updated beta map rd_asteroid

    -Mode changes

    * Power Cores and Reactor Cores now add their point value to a team's score over time 
    * Reduced the rate at which points can be stolen from 15 per second to 10 per second 
    * Robots now heal 5 health per second to nearby friendly players 

    -The HUD has been reworked

     * Inverted the layout to better represent the layout of the level 
     * Added progress bars to represent each team's score 
     *Potential point gains from stolen reactor cores are now visually represented on the score progress bars 
     * Thief icon now moves across the score board relative to the thief's position in the level 
     *Updated thief icon to represent both the color of the power core stolen and the color of the thief's team
     *Added new strings to the win panel that explain why the team won 
     *Replaced the current "points being stolen" sound with a new sound 
     *Added better collision hulls to robot models 
     *Reworked robot skins to reduce similarity to the Ubercharged skin 
     *Sentry guns no longer target Ubercharged robots

    -Map changes

    *Layout has been adjusted with the overall goal of improving visibility of teammates 
    *Removed spawn teleporter 
    *Reduced map size by removing the front lobby and cave sections 
    *Added terrain paths on the sides of the mid bridge 
    *Increased width of the mid bridge 
    *Removed doors that locked when A and B robots were active 
    *Robots have been rearranged:
        *A robots now roam the bridge above the water 
        *B robots now roam around the floor in front of the vault 
        *C robots now roam around the upper deck
    *Added more line of sight blockers to the water room to provide better cover during combat engagements 
    *Reduced travel time for the water flanking route under the interior bridge 
    *Added a drop down to enter the water room from the front door staging area 
    *Increased size of the glass room near C robots to provide flanking cover to use against sentries that are        placed at the corner of the upper deck 
    *Increased width of vault corridors 
    *Reworked vent route that leads to the vault, no longer need to crouch jump on exit 
    *Moved left spawn exit forward to reduce effectiveness of spawn camping 
    *Added a resupply cabinet to the right side spawn exit 
    *Re-positioned health and ammo pickup locations 
    *Added ramp collision to stairs 
    *Changed setup time from 60 seconds to 40 seconds 
    *Changed power reactor max return time from 90 seconds to 60 seconds 
    *Fixed gap in the death pit that allowed players to survive

Undocumented Changes:

  • Added a headset style to Greased Lightning.
  • Added paintability to Tournament Medal - Tumblr Vs Reddit (Season 2).
10:47 pm 17 July 2014 posted by inesanity

A Note About Tumblr vs Reddit Medals

As mentioned before in our original post regarding our medals, please wait for a week or so to get your participant medal. As it stands we’re quite short-staffed so while it’s a pretty simple process it’s also quite tedious. I think I’ve gotten half-way through and should be finished by tomorrow. Just be a bit patient friends you’ll get your lovely medals soon enough.


My first frag video! Enjoy this collection of clips taken from various Tumblr vs Reddit show matches.

- Froggoid

6:05 pm 10 July 2014 posted by cullengray


The medals for season 2 of Tumblr vs Reddit just made it into the most recent patch of TF2! And holy bread teleporting jesus they look beautiful

Important things to note are that we will be sending medals to winners throughout the week. If some get them sooner than others please don’t fret! Just chill out and you’ll have your shiny and paintable (after the next patch that is) medal! 

Anyway that’s all for now! Have a beautiful morning, day, or night folks! 


7:50 pm 8 July 2014 posted by captainoppa


An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added Mann Co. Beta Maps - Early Access program
    • Added 2 new beta maps: RD_Asteroid and PL_CactusCanyon
    • Beta maps can be accessed via the quickplay menu by clicking the Play Beta Maps option
  • Added a new startup music track from Expiration Date 
  • Added UGC Highlander Season 12, UGC 6v6 Season 14, UGC 4v4 Season 1, and Tumblr Vs Reddit Season 2 medals 
  • Fixed the server browser not properly filtering for the “US - East” region when selected 
  • Fixed a bug where players that are taunting would not be playing the correct animation 
  • Fixed Australium weapons using the incorrect arm skin for the Blue team 
  • Fixed Mutated Milk not being a valid item for the Scout’s Special Delivery item set 
  • Fixed The Stealth Steeler not using the correct team materials 
  • Fixed some festive weapons using the lowest LOD for the first person view 
  • Minigun: Winding up via secondary attack now counts toward reducing the one-second accuracy penalty 
  • Updated the equip_regions for The Southie Shinobi, The Chronomancer, and The Pencil Pusher 
  • Updated the localization files 
  • Updated The Towering Pillar of Summer Shades
    • Fixed not using the correct team materials 
    • Updated to be paintable

  • Reminder - Bread Boxes can no longer be crafted after tomorrow (July 9th)
    • Craft them via the crafting system (Items->Crafting->Special Blueprint->Fabricate Bread Box)
7:40 pm 8 July 2014 posted by captainoppa

Pyro’s Tote-Table Treat Tower & Choc-a-Haulics

Who needs an ice cream truck when you have a maniac running around giving free ice cream to his teammates!?

Concept by Retrocitrus
Model / Texture / Pormos - BANG!

1:51 pm 6 July 2014 posted by thebonkboy
Introducing the Undercover Operative.The simple gas mask, also known as the double agent’s best friend.
Keeping it’s wearer safe from the dangers of the battlefield, everything from Fluorine Gas to phosphorus-containing clouds of death, and the worst of all, the ever-present hallitosis of your pears.
Paintable!Comes with 3 LODS!Compatible with hats/miscs!Mysterious and Bad-ass looking!
Model by SkyTexture by Psyke

Introducing the Undercover Operative.

The simple gas mask, also known as the double agent’s best friend.

Keeping it’s wearer safe from the dangers of the battlefield, everything from Fluorine Gas to phosphorus-containing clouds of death, and the worst of all, the ever-present hallitosis of your pears.

Comes with 3 LODS!
Compatible with hats/miscs!
Mysterious and Bad-ass looking!

Model by Sky
Texture by Psyke

4:23 pm 5 July 2014 posted by hyenadip

goodbye season two!

And so season two of Tumblr vs Reddit closes with a bang with the Allstars game, which brought season one players together to face off once more on Upward, Gullywash, and Viaduct! (You can watch the game over at BlackOutGamingTV’s Twitch!)

A quick rundown:

Tumblr started slow on Upward but after a looong uphill battle (get it? get it?) managed to cinch the cap at eleven minutes exactly, while Reddit went the aggressive route and with some well-coordinated pushes managed to shave five minutes off the cap time.

Sadness, but onward to Gullywash, where the first cap lasted a good fifteen minutes before Tumblr managed to finally capture the last point and the success just continued from there, winning the next round only minutes later, and finally claiming the third round - and the map - before the timer was up!

And then Viaduct - both teams were getting tired but it was still a close game with equal aggression from both sides. Reddit took the first two points, after which Tumblr just - in the last few seconds - managed to capture the point, putting the scores at 2-1 with plenty of time left on the clock. Sadly though, it wasn’t meant to be, and Reddit took the map at 3-1, handing the overall win to them.

This season has been a crazy ride, but it has been so worth it. Thank you so much to everyone who not just played, but to the thousands of you who applied and the hundreds who watched the streams. It’s been quite an adventure and we could not have done it without your support!

As for the next season, well. Who knows what we’ve got up our sleeves?

- lish

7:56 am 29 June 2014 posted by hellbrows

Tumblr vs Reddit Allstars is go!

All right, here we go again! At 5pm EST (10pm GMT) Tumblr and Reddit will go head to head one last time this season in the All-Star match, which will bring together players from the first season to face each other again!

You can catch the stream and cheer tumblr on over on BlackOutGamingTV’s Twitch. See you there!

3:50 pm 28 June 2014 posted by hellbrows

The Highlander Open: Promotional Video

Here it is folks after a great collaboration with Emily, we’ve finally released the official promo for the Highlander Open. Please make sure you check her out as she’s absolutely gifted in her animation abilities. You can find her over here:

1:51 pm 23 June 2014 posted by queeniepkc